Continuous Delivery Orientation

This conversational workshop is a half-day of getting to know and understand Continuous Delivery. It's targeted towards technical managers, or technical leaders that want to get a solid understanding of what Continuous Delivery is, and how it relates to the current situation.

After this session, you'll have a rough outline of a possible roadmap, acompanied by maturity models that can guide and help you on the journey to Continuous Delivery or Deployment.

Workshop Outline

  • Continuous Delivery Crash Course
  • Why Continuous Delivery, what's in it for us?
  • What does it take to reach Continuous Delivery - what's needed from us?
  • Maturity Models - as tools and potential roadmaps
  • Possible next steps


Attendees are expected to have basic understanding of agile software development principles. Some real world experience of software development is necessary (not necesarily technical), with an understanding of Continuous Integration.

Target Audience

The ideal audience is a full Scrum Team - business, process and technical aspects. We need both development and operations people in order to have really useful discussions on the full scope of Continuous Delivery.


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