Continuous Delivery Hands-On Workshop

These days most people have heard about Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, many have read "the book" as well. Less than many have actually tried it out and still struggle to produce an increment that is actually potentially releasable. Even fewer have tried out cloudish deployment patterns, and that is what this workshop is all about.

We will, starting from scratch, set up a Continuous Delivery Pipeline in the cloud where we achieve Blue/Green deployment with zero downtime upgrades and rollbacks. We'll have clients hammering our service as we roll out new and alternative versions of our backend and frontend software. And yes, we will work in pairs to accelerate learning and quality in what we do.

You'll bring: a laptop, some basic Linux sysadmin skills/understanding, an open mind, and a will to work with a friend or peer during the intense three hours. Appart from learning, you may also have fun!

Workshop Outline

  • Introductions
  • Demonstration of overall system and objective
  • Blue/Green deployment
  • Work, follwing step-by-step instructions with comments

Target Audience

This workshop is targeted towards technical people that takes part in producing a product, and those making sure it gets into and works in production.


You'll need some basic Linux prompt experience, a laptop with networking capabilities. We'll work in Amazon's EC2 - an account will be prepared for you.


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to setup a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Go, in Amazon EC2.

Topics Covered and Techniques Used

  • git - version control everything
  • Python - glue scripts to integrate product with Amazon's services
  • Secure Shell, ssh - automated, using for poking around and inspecting
  • Puppet - provisioning of compute resources etc
  • - the continuous delivery tool (not the language)
  • DNS - Route53
  • Computing - Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Load balancing/Routing - Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
  • php & JavaScript - the demo systems programming
  • Redis - state storage


Denna anmälan är inte bindande, men vi kommer givetvis
ta kontakt för att se om du vill boka plats på nästa kurstillfälle!